Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spreading the word about Leslie Burns of

So... while perusing my favorite technology blog,, I saw this posting.  Being curious, I went and checked out this post on by Leslie Burns.  I will be among the first to say that the Techdirt post by Tim Cushing is heavy-handed with the sarcasm; however, I agree with his assessment of Leslie Burns of  I think she comes across as a hypocritical, judgemental bitch... but that's not why I'm making this blog entry about Leslie Burns of  There are two purposes to me making this blog about Leslie Burns of

The first is this: I went to her site, quite peace-minded, to read the whole article on her blog:  That's where I saw this:

I will not approve any anonymous and/or freetard comments. I give you no space on my blog to “share.” Don’t even bother trying, okay? Thanks.
UPDATE 7/13/2011
If you want to know why I don’t approve negative comments, read this.

That "read this" link leads to another of Leslie Burns' posts on where Leslie Burns states that she doesn't believe in allowing 'negative posts' to be visible in business pages... whatever that means. 

Well, Leslie Burns at got me thinking... so I posted this under both of these entries on

As a business person who is deeply involved in using public forums (such as Facebook) in the business world, I have to say you're quite wrong about the 'need' to censor that space. If you post your opinion in a public place and filter out any dissenting opinion, you come off as insincere and fearful of being proven 'wrong'.

I help insurance agents set up their Social Networking space... one of the things I teach them is to NEVER delete derogatory posts. If an irate customer (or ex-customer, as would probably be the case) posts insulting things that calls to question business ethics, et al, it is far better to respond politely and rationally to the concern and invite them to discuss it further (usually in person or on the phone)

Deleting offensive language is a different matter. That's just respect for other readers. But it would be far better again to repost an 'edited' version of the original post which removes the one or more offensive words.

This is your blog and you're welcome to handle it as you wish. But when you state that calm, rational ~discussion~ is needed to convince others that you're right... it's best not to completely silence those who may disagree with you. It makes you seem like someone who is afraid to actually have to defend her position and would rather surround herself by like-minded yes men.

I posted this on under my real name and everything I say in it is absolutely true.  Well, big surprise, Leslie Burns at didn't post it.  Best as I can tell, Leslie Burns at didn't even let it through.

Now I know that there was at least two attempts to post some opinion on that appeared to support Leslie Burns at but did so in a ridiculously hyperbolic way.  I didn't want to go that route.  Leslie Burns at made an offer of open discussion (with a minimum of name-calling), but I guess Leslie Burns at didn't really mean that offer. 

So, Leslie Burns at, I guess all I have to say is that I hope you're happy, surrounded by all your ass-kissing, like minded shills.  I'm saying all of this about you here, Leslie Burns at, because I can't say it on your blog 

Oh.. yeah... the second reason I'm writing this about Leslie Burns at is because if I put "Leslie Burns at " enough times in my blog, it will be the first result if anyone Googles anything having to do with "Leslie Burns at".    Call it an active Streisand Attack. 

ps.  Hey Leslie Burns at, you'll notice that my comment boards are open.  In fact, I don't even have this to set ask me to approve first (or at least, I don't think I do...).  If you feel up to blessing me with some of that "calm and articulate" posting, feel free.  I won't block it. :)

pps. Leslie Burns at

---Update 07/13/2011 3:50---
Not 5 minutes after I made this post about Leslie Burns of, I found out that Leslie Burns of has closed the comment section for the post on  Hm...  Oh well... gives me an excuse to add more "Leslie Burns of" in this post.


  1. Leslie Burns of doesn't want open discussion. Leslie Burns of wants to put forth her ideas and opinions as the only ones that matter, and thus discussion can only be the pros of what Leslie Burns of thinks.

  2. This is an old post but I'm sorry to say Leslie Burns is still at it and she's gotten even worse. Not only is she still ranting against common sense use of imagery online, but she's actively extorting small business and individuals who make accidental infringements - out of $1000s of dollars. She's either a very bitter, unhappy person - or a genuine sociopath.