Thursday, July 7, 2011

So... did the system fail or not?

Unless you're even more under a rock than I am, you're familiar with the Casey Anthony trial.  And unless you were more successful in hiding from it all than I, you know about the fallout from the verdict.  Well, I have some things to day in response to the commentary about the 'failure of justice'...

First, a disclaimer: I am not a legal expert.  I do not have a law degree.  Anything I say here comes from my 'layman's' understanding of how the law system in the US operates.  That said...

Shut up.  All of you.  I wish I could say "I can't believe the amount of arm-chair bitching that has come out of the jury's decision", but given my current view of our 'great people', it really doesn't surprise me.  But for all of you saying how it's an abortion of justice that she 'got away with murder', let me ask you this: explain to me how the system failed?  Other than 'how it failed to agree with your opinion'. 

Our legal system is not perfect... far from it.  But one thing I do agree with is our burden of proof for capital crime.  If someone is accused of something for which they will be killed themselves (i.e. murder), then it is up to the prosecutors to PROVE BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT that the accusation is true.  This is what failed to happen with Casey Anthony. 

Let me state this clearly: the jury did not 'fail'.  They did EXACTLY what they are supposed to do: examine the evidence given to them, consider all available information/perspectives/opinions, and make a judgement call as to whether or not there is ANY reasonable doubt about the guilt of the accused.  The justice system did not 'fail'... remember, it was built on the idea that it is far better that the guilty go free than an innocent person suffer. 

So, while I'm sure you are FAR better-equipped to judge such things and you are FAR more likely to be right than anyone else including the panel of peers chosen to make this decision (/sarcasm), you weren't there in the courtroom.  You do not have all of the information, did not hear all of the testimony, did not have to weigh all that information.  You. Do. Not. Know.  I don't care what you think you know... You were not there.  So, before you judge the jury or the system as incompetent, realize that you were not given all of the information and then had a human life placed in your hands and told to decide what to do with it. 

Now... on to all of you people who are screaming for Casey Anthony's blood... I sincerely hope none of you are Christians.  Because if you are, you just ignored what your god told you to do.  I'm not Christian.... I don't buy into the dogma or the myth or believe that it is any more reasonable than, say, Roman Mythology... but that's a rant for another day.  I do however, agree with the general aggregate of what Jesus (supposedly) taught... and some of those that seem pertinent here are Forgiveness, Non-Judgement, Not-Killing.  So, much like all those out there that say we should be killing our enemies without hesitation or guilt... all of you self-proclaimed Christians who are saying 'kill the bitch', please turn your crosses in on your way out.  You're all failing to follow the teaching of your savior.  And I am sick of it.  Pick a side and have the courage of your convictions.  I'm tired of being a better follower of a god I don't believe in than those who do. 

Look... I feel that it's far more likely that Casey Anthony killed her daughter.  But if I were given all the information that was available and then told to flip the switch ONLY if I was 100% SURE WITH ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT... I would not have pulled it.  I feel that our justice system did exactly what it was designed to do.  Did the Prosecution do it's job?  Maybe they could have come to the table with more solid evidence... maybe the could have focused more on different aspects... I don't know.  As I said, I'm not an expert. 

But don't worry, karmic justice is around the corner... Casey supposedly did this horrible deed so that she could enjoy her social life.  What's going to happen when no one wants to hang out with someone who 'knows' she's a baby-killer?  What's going to happen when the rest of her family abandons her and she finds herself alone? 

Go look back at the OJ trial... yeah, he was found innocent of the Criminal trial. But he lost the Civil suit.  And the only reason he wasn't flat-broke after paying all of that was because his financial adviser had him put his money in annuities which are protected from legal judgements (sneaky sneaky)... what's the likelihood that Anthony is doing the same?  What's going to happen when her financial standing is ruined because she loses a Civil Wrongful Death suit (like OJ) and is forced to work 80-hour weeks just to pay off legal judgements?  How will she be enjoying that social life then? 

In closing: everyone shut up with your murderous opinions about what would have happened if only you were there.  You WEREN'T there.  And I thank your god on your behalf that you weren't. 

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